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es - 9-29-08

I'm begining long campaign down at 1183.25.I may be early and I may even be wrong....but we had the low tick s and high volume thrust.....real key numbers are at the 79 - 84 area....1202 has overnight single and part of fridays key volume doubt a hard trade to take..good luck to all today
long one at 1116.00,lousy fill! 3 point stop
covering my scalp here
out at 1119, 3 point gain, plus 18 today..thats it for me....holding my call till tomorrow at least!
Covered short at 20 (17points on those)going to try some long at 20...RSI bullish divergence's and nice TICK divergence's and volume divergence.
thanks kool. great call this long and the short at 40. thanks also bruce and joe for sharing.
Take note how ridicoulous that no short sale rule was. didnt help Wachovia. Didnt help the dow either. The rule expires thurs.
The good news is the dollar index is up a half of a percent....
I picked up some calls.
Why didnt we limit lock down like we did last week but on the upside?
Thanks Charter Joe, I will work with them and ask questions along the way, if you don't mind.