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es - 9-29-08

I'm begining long campaign down at 1183.25.I may be early and I may even be wrong....but we had the low tick s and high volume thrust.....real key numbers are at the 79 - 84 area....1202 has overnight single and part of fridays key volume doubt a hard trade to take..good luck to all today
do you remember when INTEL use to try and lead the market ?.....hopefully appl isn't trying to lead this down anymore today..
not only was the 81 a key number but we have the weekly number there too.....tough nut to crack
Long ES at 69, my $TICK indicator was oversold.
Covered at 72.25, that was the lowest reading I had all day on my indicator.
Reason I sold was that it was going weak into one of my sq of nines i.e. 1174, also todays high volume area.
There's a positive divergence on my $TICK indicator and the $TICKs long again at 70...
Looks like we will build a value area down here while we await the house vote...

Hearing news the house vote won't begin until house leaders are confident they have the votes needed to pass the bill...
Selling again at 73, its not wanting to get above the high volume area. +3 on that one...
Short at 73, TICKS cannot hold over zero line.
wow goog just broke 400

aapl is holding up but how long?

Thanks Charter Joe, I will work with them and ask questions along the way, if you don't mind.
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