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ES 10-02-08

I am short ES at 1155 targeting yesterdays low
should turn here ... 1min proj. 1134.00 avg. at 1133.75
going long at 1129.00 or as close as i can get.

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2 min. to go?
These options trades of yours are awesome...are you mostly using the 30 minute RSI to determine overbought and oversold for your options ?
Originally posted by CharterJoe

As much as I love swing trading the e-mini, options are working a lot better for me. In the ES I cannot stop looking at the P/L tick by tick. Options seem slower and steady i.e. good for my longer term day trades. Still nothing like it for scalping though.

I'm trying to hold out for 1142 ( singles above that)......but I have that high volume zone....I never have enough ammo on winning I also don't usually get a real buying tail to form when I want it to......perhaps today I'll get lucky
cool Joe..I see how have the window written down.....perhaps we need to rename it the "adaptive window" since this higher volatility make sit more of a challenge...but the 4 point increments work even beyond the plus!!
Is this based on Bruce's PitBull 3 strategy?
best fill so far is 36.25...37 begins that high volume zone...........only two contracts left..
as usual....I really want those single above that 42 but that high volume zone will probably make this consolidate a other words, I'm not expecting them to slice through it on the upside very fast
Fwiw,Bruce avg, now 1144.25, 1 min.proj.1144.75, 5 minproj. is around 1147.50-48... Ill be buying a pull back , tried at 1129.25 but missed by a couple ticks.
theres a good long somewhere near, maybe 3:26/30