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ES 10-02-08

I am short ES at 1155 targeting yesterdays low
great number Joe....
Read that years ago Karen.....fairly standard Fib stuff if I recall except he really only concentrates on the .62 level.....and likes bigger wasn't geared towards the least that's how I remember it
Originally posted by karend

Has anyone read up on Joe Dinapoli's "Dinapoli" levels? If so, any comments on it? Just curious is anyone uses it to trade.

Thks Bruce...appreciate your thoughts.
Charter Joe, sq nine numbers working like a charm again. Awesome information. I love it!!
differential between the dow and the S&P is becoming that means only one of two things.......less people are selling the S&P or more are selling the looks like it's less selling in S&P so IF we are going to have the late day rally then this would set the stage for it....
Hey Margie,

When Joe first started posting I thought "Oh great another Gann Knucklehead" But he has proven me wrong a thousand times over......great stuff
Originally posted by Margie

Charter Joe, sq nine numbers working like a charm again. Awesome information. I love it!!

fun end to the day so far eh :)
so far they seem to be accepting the high volume at the lows....if they could just get over the next high volume zone...two tries into the lows with high volume isn't bringing it down....

I used to post the dated sq of nine numbers they work just as well but change every day. todays was 1137 which received 2 nice bounces and then turned into resistance 3 times. And 1155 which was were I shorted this A.M. and very near the daily high a couple ticks I believe.
Charter Joe, how can I figure those numbers daily?
theres a good long somewhere near, maybe 3:26/30
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