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ES 10-02-08

I am short ES at 1155 targeting yesterdays low

the market had attempted a dozen times to try and get through 1174 sq of nine, it failed just as it did with 1261, that and I have a new form of charting I'll post on here some time soon. and the first target I had was yesterdays low, they did good there, so the next target was 1140 (sq of nine) they fell through those so now I am starting to fill like covering and buying some calls soon stop loss at 1141, one point above sq of nine.

ps I'll buy some calls when the 30min RSI is oversold and at one of my numbers.
$TICK making new highs out at 1137, 18 points on those.

bought some SPY oct 113 calls at 4.65 (es at 1136)
singles will exist above 42.50 if we close here in 5 I'm trying to get them....
37.50 - 40 is the most critical zone to watch for now......I'm long from 35.25 on this one.......that zone is a challenge....high volume as usual for me....
How was that RSI book you mentioned a while back Joe ? any insights for you?
took a 4 point hit on that per add -ons campain long from 28 even....want the 32 area first
IB chart not updating right today...
To be honest Bruce, I haven't had a chance to read it. Been so busy with the pregnancy, and our 22month old that I only have time to read it during the trading hours and I usually have to watch the markets. I am still adjusting to all this....I havn't forgotten about and look forward to reading it. It'll be some good vacation reading....

I'll buy some more calls at 1123
As much as I love swing trading the e-mini, options are working a lot better for me. In the ES I cannot stop looking at the P/L tick by tick. Options seem slower and steady i.e. good for my longer term day trades. Still nothing like it for scalping though.
buying 2 @ 1128.50 area... whats tanking the market today? Just got back home.
theres a good long somewhere near, maybe 3:26/30
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