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ES 10-02-08

I am short ES at 1155 targeting yesterdays low
target tick above that gap...
no fill yet on first target of 31.25.........
ok filled...gheesh this is fast...can anyone see that fake out....? and that nasty little gap...?classic...still want that 26.25 number
Nice job Bruce
2 more off at 28.75...only two left for that gap....
BINGO...I'll never trade and post like that again so I hope somebody saw it......thanks for me is 24.25....too fast is good....but only sometimes....
nice trade BruceM
thanks folks but it's more important to me that you actually see what I saw..the run of the stops and then that mini-gap cool..if Dow was the weakest and S&P was trying to lead higher I probably wouldn't have taken that trade....
Has anyone read up on Joe Dinapoli's "Dinapoli" levels? If so, any comments on it? Just curious is anyone uses it to trade.
bought some more calls at 4.1, thats where I should have waited for to begin with avg 4.37. Bounced off that 1123 sq nine nice so far.
theres a good long somewhere near, maybe 3:26/30
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