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ES 10-07-08

Good morning all, little short coming up around 1058 I think.
stockster yes i have tried it, the thing is that the beta does not work with oco orders, also to do something as simple as move a stop you have to cancel your active one and manually put in a new one and answer yes to 2 different confirm boxes... kinda defeats the purpose of a dom interface atm

hopefully this will all be fixed when they do the new release this weekend
Why past post winning trades?
Hi Rburns,

The idea is to post ideas related and unrelated to your trades in order to help others and ourselves.......some post the specifics when they have time as the "trade" is most important.....Some like to just post trades at first and then realize that this is a good bunch of people and share things when they can......Most folks who visit this forum who just post trades don't stick around for long..I would suggest that you "ask" the person you are referring to what their setup was/is...most are happy to share....

I agree with you in general that posting for the sake of boasting is a waste of bandwidth and we should all try to elaborate when we can...

Originally posted by rburns

Why past post winning trades?

popstocks: please see my reply to you about Mirus in the other thread...
Thanks BruceM
Well said
sure wish the dow wasn't trying to lead this up now.....trouble for longs..
Ya gotta good long here , gang ,right here right now!
You catch that cycle low,Pops?...long from 1052.25,3.5 stop...lookin for 1058
covering .... bada bing!
plus 5 for the day....
Thanks Joe
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