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ES 10-07-08

Good morning all, little short coming up around 1058 I think.
What time frame did you find that cycle low on Kool?
1 min chart, plain as day... check it out(11:03-11:12)
also,10:47-11:03,before that.. note how the 2nd confirmed the first. Then when you get close watch your tech.! BOTH 1 AND 5 MIN. WERE VERY OVERSOLD
Thanks Kool that explanation helped alot, because of it I went back and counted from 10:57 to 11;22 and shorted 62.50 for +2.5
Darn, that cycle top came 1 min. early (due 11:50) and i was looking for 1064 any way!.... Ihave proj. 1066.25-1067.50 area
MYPTO,the important thing is ,see how one confirmed the other? Thats important.(ps. nice trade!)
20 & 50 EMA on 15min. bound together = resistance
nice cycle trade !! well done
buying 1050.50
SOMETIMES this is soooo frustrating ... i had my order in before typing my post , hit my price dead nuts and turned ,but i never got filled! Woulda been a nice little scalp tho.
Thanks Joe
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