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ES 10-07-08

Good morning all, little short coming up around 1058 I think.
Good point....I'll have to dial it the one minute your top time frame for cycles...? When you have a chance....
Originally posted by koolblue

15 min are tough cause theoretically you can be off by 15 min. And a lot can happen in 15 min!

up 30.5... haviun a good day.. holding long from 1017.75(one now) this crazy up and down is indicative of the market groping for a bottom. proj now much much higher! (unless 1016 is seen again)1046 at least!
covering my last scalp
wow... out at 1034.50...proj for longer term scalpers is 1048.009exit a little sooner tho)
BRUCE 5 min. and one min.... i look for con firmation during the run up (on either or both)
for example 1 min. says 1048 so far from the 1016 bottom. Maybe after this little pull back it will give another proj, in the same area..If so,that would be a good confirmation.
see that , BRUCE THAT LITTLE UP RUSH SAID AROUND 1046 OR SO so you can feel good about 1046-48 (so far)... OF COURSE ANY THING CAN HAPPEN THO!
46 will also be where the bottom trendline of the triangle is (that was broken earlier)
bRUCE SINCE 5 MIN. %R IS AROUND 76,92 being the sell zone and stoch are gettin up there, if in atrade id probably exit the next push up above 1042.5 (hopefully 1045 or so) and if it keeps going what? u can cry all the way to the bank!
Thanks Joe