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ES 10-07-08

Good morning all, little short coming up around 1058 I think.
Me too, Mypto... was talking to Pops...well the 12:53 low is giving a few handles but im suspicious here
Dam, now the 1:to 1:05 low kickin in... Hope you guys caught it, i missed it
buying one at 1039.75
didn't spot the 1:05, just knew about the 12:54 but something about volume there made me pass
doggonit!, not even close... order cancelled!
Pop, 1:05 came from the 5 min. bars
personally i hate when fed stuff goes on during the day, market starts getting weird so i usually wait it out
FOMC minutes come out at top of hour
should run to 51.5-52 area(price proj. and 5 min. avg.)?
Thanks ,Prest... I completely forgot! (next good low maybe around 1:50 or so?)
Thanks Joe
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