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ES 10-07-08

Good morning all, little short coming up around 1058 I think.
boom! thats 50 handles on the day! MYsecond best day ever! 68 for the week! SEE YA ALL TOMORROW!
I see a bowl forming(formed) on the 5 minute.
Fantastic koolblue! I haven't got a grasp on your technique, but certainly am impressed with your trading. I look forward to when you have a chance to put something together to use as a reference.
Way to go!
ps (that little up rush is saying 1041.50 so its looking like 1041-46 is going to be good resistance tomorrow ... keep that in mind!
Good job kool, I am going to be buying at the close...
Bought some SPY calls oct at 4.00 (es was at 1017.5)
is 1003 square of nine?
wow who would have thought after a day like monday we'd get a follow up like this!!
No popstocks its not I listed them all in the last thread last post from me ES 10-07
I mean I listed them in 10-06

Thanks Joe