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ES 11-04-08

Morning gang! Hey Akola, go back to the globex thread and youll see the explaination of your last trade! page 4 and 5!
ok front run Kool for the trades
Now , where to exit? looks like bare minimum is 992.75 so ill bail around 993.50
wow i bailed early 94.25

whew1 out at 993.50 plus 3.75 ..up 11 now..(and probably should have held longer ,but you know me!) still looking to buy 886.50-888 area
dval lo at 992.25, with the high of IB at 92.75 and 50% of the day there too
Yeah, theres a lot of good reasons to buy that 991-92 area, i just got a feeling theyll run the stops from entries there one more time! But who knows!
last week high at 984 and a daily number there at 984.50
that push lower made the new LOD for the TICK but not the PREM
its forming a big H&S patterns....

once it reaches 80 to 80 there will be good buying opp for 10 to 15 pts but market is too freaky right now... so i guess go with kool
Margie, see that nice bowl on the 1 min chart starting around 13:56 to about maybe 14:30?.... i wonder....
remember , use price proj. cycles and the tech indicators! The tendancy is just to rely on cycles, or just rely on proj. and thatll work a lot ... but not always!
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