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ES 11-04-08

Morning gang! Hey Akola, go back to the globex thread and youll see the explaination of your last trade! page 4 and 5!
Back and ready to buy(for a short terms scalp!)
ORDER IN AT 991.50
ughhh and missed it by 2 ticks ,,, there was a single there just above your entry
3:37 for the low?
well, its projecting 990.75, but ive looked at all the longer term charts (15,30,60 etc) and the worst proj i see is 987 and change with most around 988 and change , so ill wait and buy there
Yeah, Margie, i saw that too! Imay be too conservative here but im only up 7.25 and dont want to end the day with a loser!
The way i figure , on a strong up day like today, they run it down to stop everyone out like there doing so far, and then they, and the funds do there buying late in the day to close it near the highs. Not my work just a gut feeling
618 ret on the day is 89.75, the first group of singles that were created at 989.25 from this morning are there too fwiw
ill sell 998.00 while waiting for lower!
remember , use price proj. cycles and the tech indicators! The tendancy is just to rely on cycles, or just rely on proj. and thatll work a lot ... but not always!
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