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ES 11-04-08

Morning gang! Hey Akola, go back to the globex thread and youll see the explaination of your last trade! page 4 and 5!
dam, the 89 period exp on the 5 min is also now at 993, thats why shes having fits up there!
CMON baby! u can do it!
IM probably stupid for not bagging it here ..getting late but ill give it a little more time!
yep and ticks went to there High range on the day
15 min avg is 989.25
raising my stop to break even ...987.50!
ok, 15:11-15:22 right? hope fully exit by 15:33
PS 5 min chart is only half way to overbought. thats in my favor ,i hope!
thats ok baby ..pause and rest... then bust it upward! ROFL
watching electronic Bonds make new highs here go figure
remember , use price proj. cycles and the tech indicators! The tendancy is just to rely on cycles, or just rely on proj. and thatll work a lot ... but not always!
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