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ES 11-04-08

Morning gang! Hey Akola, go back to the globex thread and youll see the explaination of your last trade! page 4 and 5!
Originally posted by koolblue

bingo on 999.25!

never a doubt
Originally posted by koolblue

WOW, OUT AT 985.00 PLUS 7.5 THERE FOR A NICE DAY UP 18.50 AND THRU.. IT DOESNT EVEN BOTHER ME THAT IT WILL LIKELY HIT THE TARGETS.. gettin late any way! man, im proud of myself ,i called that one and todays late action perfectly1

i was playing with the projections and got a few correct but no where near to even trust that it wasn't luck on the calculations....and yes very nice tgt's you posted. Hope the depo went well. be good see you later for the election trade lol
Kool, that was awesome!
where do i go to read about these projections and techniques you use???
NOT PERFECT, after all it went 4 ticks below 986.50 and since gone higher than 999.25 but so what! its all a matter of odds . NOTE how oversold we are at the low, and a nice pos divergence coming out of it. then later the 54 exp avg supports it nicely cause the boll. avg is there too, see? Textbook!, under methodologies forum, price and vol topic, Kools tools for price and time.
Keep practicing ,Benny it takes quite a while to get confidence in it!
remember , use price proj. cycles and the tech indicators! The tendancy is just to rely on cycles, or just rely on proj. and thatll work a lot ... but not always!
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