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ES 11-19-08

Morning all, coming into the open plus 3.25 from globex.. going to try and be more selective today! got to leave briefly and pay a bill .. back in 20 min or so!
no way they will let those players at 35 keep that other words they will run them out...but form how low..?
Man, i think its going to my 818,... dont know what else to make of it!
looks like 824.75 calling
1 min proj is 824.00
will add at 24.25 if 31 doesn't print first
could be wrong but I dont see yesterdays lows holding
selling 828.50
ugh...just got buy signal not taking
crude lifting a little
my stops at 832.00 cause i have to have it above that 1 min avg at 831.30
red thanks for taking the time to explain...the next time your checking the thread and you see ol VO steppin in front of a train be sure and HOLLA!