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ES 11-19-08

Morning all, coming into the open plus 3.25 from globex.. going to try and be more selective today! got to leave briefly and pay a bill .. back in 20 min or so!
you bring up a great point Kool...when we have at least 4 matching one minute bars in a low volume environment ( lunchtime, pre fomc etc) they will many times run it up or down to within .5 points of the ultimate target then bring it away from it...only to eventually run it out....I've noticed the same thing when we have gaps in low volume trade also......I'm flat now at 31.75
Originally posted by koolblue

Trust me friend, when they come that close they usually take it out at some point.

they took out singles 836.5-838.25 on that last move up. next higher singles are 844.25-848.0 should that area be tested.
Bonds are going nuts higher. If you don't get bond futs data the TLT is an equity proxy like the USO for crude.
another thing to ponder...824.50 area
singles 824.75-826.75 from yesterday are now taken. next lower singles are 816.75-817.75.
FOMC minutes in 5 minutes
thanks prestwick
Originally posted by VOwater

hey red yesterday you mention "software" projection...could you expand on that?

One of my chart packages has this. I discovered it while
setting up my bollinger bands. I use the term "software
projection" to distinguish from my projection off a chart/candle
I run 1-2-3-4-5-10-13-15-30-60-90 min.-2hr projections.

It may be other chart packages has this as well; as I said I really
stumbled on to it.
kool...on the last 5m bowl for count would you take the 12:10, 12:15 or 12:20 bar?
ok Red thanks for clarifying
red thanks for taking the time to explain...the next time your checking the thread and you see ol VO steppin in front of a train be sure and HOLLA!