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ES 11-19-08

Morning all, coming into the open plus 3.25 from globex.. going to try and be more selective today! got to leave briefly and pay a bill .. back in 20 min or so!
5 and 15 min want 852.75.. again unless we touch 836.75
order to buy 835.25 pending
that little dip below 835 tells me that the 831 proj will probably be seen at some point, so ill make a quick exit if they let me
singles exist up above the 44 area..I'd like to see a push down into that 32 area to try longs if we can see some blow off volume
theres the volume now all we need is an entry
bingo on the projections... now, can it turn?
829 looks like a nice poke long to me
31.5 is -100% IB extension
in for 33 and not liking it so is 38 first but I'm not enjoying stepping in front of this.....outside the 90 minute window for fades
11:34-5 mini peak
red thanks for taking the time to explain...the next time your checking the thread and you see ol VO steppin in front of a train be sure and HOLLA!
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