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ES 11-19-08

Morning all, coming into the open plus 3.25 from globex.. going to try and be more selective today! got to leave briefly and pay a bill .. back in 20 min or so!
meant for time
Im long 2 @ 824.00 reasons soon
covered one at 832.00,plus 8 up 13.50, holding the other with a breakeven stop
nice Kool- i am still trying for up 10- now up 9 - one more to go
man, should have ciovered both i guess..covering now
out at 825.75, plus 1.75 there, up 15.25 and watching...
Sorry VO,i was distracted by that trade! yeah i would use the 12:25 bar to the 1:35 bar, but also cosider the 1:40 bar as the possible ending... thats how i usually do it.
ive been trying to post some images and having trouble.. theres some thing really bothering me about this market!
in a big descending triangle on 610T which would measure to 809. Have a daily price proj there as well as S2

Click image for original size
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red thanks for taking the time to explain...the next time your checking the thread and you see ol VO steppin in front of a train be sure and HOLLA!