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ES 11-19-08

Morning all, coming into the open plus 3.25 from globex.. going to try and be more selective today! got to leave briefly and pay a bill .. back in 20 min or so!
looking for long signal off this retrace
buying here
Originally posted by VOwater

is Red in the house this morning?

yup; studying another technique, time consuming
see ya when I can

hey red yesterday you mention "software" projection...could you expand on that?
well, not the best entry, i guess long from 832.25,looking for 835.50
ouch they got me
i can now make a case for 842 minimum and probably 850.50 or so
Just reminder...FOMC minutes out at 2:00. FOr some reason, this often causes some real wacky price action.
so far only one full minute bar below my zone but my concern is that someone did something at 31.50 - 35.25 and since we can't get full bars above that then this is a trouble trade...where is the volume?
if this abc plays out 1st 39.75 2nd 42.25
red thanks for taking the time to explain...the next time your checking the thread and you see ol VO steppin in front of a train be sure and HOLLA!