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Globex 12-2-08

Im really just an average 'warehouse worker' who hit upon the magic of the mathematical structure of the markets. im hoping others take it to the next level long after im gone! I believe ive only scratched the surface. so far any way!
Gone ?? where are you going? Dont leave :)
sooner or later ill get tired of posting and trading! its very difficult! and ill just go back to trading anonymously
My purpose in joining this forum was to share my discoveries, for better, or for worse, for others to hopefully improve their trading . I feel ive almost completed that mission.
No you want you love us too much- trading is a lonely profession, love to have people to chat with like you.
why dony you just start a mirc room it is free and easier or just use instant messenger and start a room. much much easier
ill still be here, taking coin off of the 'boyz in the pits' as i have ,pretty much consistantly for many years now. LOL
well, slowly but surely we are working toward the 5 min avg(54 exp.) at 823.33 and falling slowly. Ihave several projections between 821.50 and 823.75(1, 5 and 15 min)so i still think we may get there.
Thought about it , Palmer,but i dont know. Then i feel obligated to trade every day, plus the added pressure of having to always be right or friends lose cash! Maybe someday!
Dont forget, i never thought we'd break 851 today! But i guess what makes a good trader is how quickly you adjust to changing scenerios!
you dont need to be obligated to trade everyday- we can all just establish a room for us instead of posting via internet pages- it is less work
nice read Sir!
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