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Globex 12-2-08

I think a bounce into wed is very possible ,Palmer.
well ,im getting bored and cancelling my buy order, at least for now.
trins ended high today- I usually buy SPY calls but with this market who knows lol.
I think we bounce though
the 64000 dollar question, for me is do we break the 739 lows soon? And i dont think so, at least not till JAN maybe. At least i sure hope not! Cause if we do now, then where we gonna be in jan?!!?
man, looking at those market updates sure brings back memories of a historic time ! that 11-10-08 one was right on! ITS where i lay out the time zones. Dont do them anymore tho, cause all i really care about is the next 5 min! LOL
SIGH.. MISSED ENTERING MY LONG AT 14.25 BY ONE TICK. tend to think 823 is possible. Thats what i was trying for any way.
SWEAR TO God! I routinely call short term projections within a tick, but a tick can make the difference between makin coin, or watchin someone else making it ,like i am now! ...sigh
all i know you are AWESOME-
Not really, Bruce , VO, red and youself are all very good traders. i just have a very powerful tool in price projection that helps out a lot!
I did ok today being a 1/2 day trading for me- got 9 handles. Missed all the post lunch time move
nice read Sir!
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