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Globex 12-2-08

wouldnt surprise me at all to see that 851 number again tomorrow!
I dont use pure numbers like most folk, i like to use %. for instance 897.50 to 813 is a decline of 9.415% and a 50% retrace of 9.415% is 4.707% or 38.27points from 813.(851.25) VOILA! ... but who knows!
MAN, im really rambling tonite cause im tired... think ill call it a nite till morning.. see ya all later!
koolio email was sent
Originally posted by koolblue

well, slowly but surely we are working toward the 5 min avg(54 exp.) at 823.33 and falling slowly. Ihave several projections between 821.50 and 823.75(1, 5 and 15 min)so i still think we may get there.

BINGO 823.75
GOTTA LOVE THAT 'DEADLY' 15 MIN PROJECTION!... Ill be checking my mail soon ,VO.
Oh didn't pull out the DEADLY 15M again!
YUP! AGAIN! do you think i got 823.75?

here's our retracement levels from last upswing

Click image for original size
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nice read Sir!
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