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Globex 12-2-08

order cancelled... watching
looking for 842 to short if we continue up
The 'deadly' 15 min is calling for 840.00,as is the hourly. 5 min currently wants 839 as long as 826 is not seen again.
looks like the 8;45-50 top stopped the advance temporarily, and another is due in 7 or 8 min. after all that we should climb untill right before the open
gm all Kool I ran the extention on 5,15 & 60 and have the same numbers assumiming the five min low at 26 is not violated what are you looking at to enter a trade to reach target?
bbrad, to enter a long i would watch the 1 min chart on the first little decline to see what it projects down. Sometimes i keep a close eye on my moving averages as they often lend support(or resistance.) all charts have the same set up ... 54 period exponential m a , and 15 period exponential bollinger band average. I refer to these as 'the average'(54) or the boll avg(15)
many thanks
actually, brad , right here(828.25) looks pretty good, also 825 if we get that far
if you went long at 28.25 or so, you got 3 min till a mini top! then the crazy open.... watching and switching to es thread.
nice read Sir!
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