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Globex 12-2-08

Originally posted by koolblue

My purpose in joining this forum was to share my discoveries, for better, or for worse, for others to hopefully improve their trading . I feel ive almost completed that mission.


I go to the book store every weekend for study. I meet (by chance) a few real traders there. I tell every one of them to check out
this forum. You and others in here have been a great help.

When you leave don't go to far.
Thanks Kool
Thx, RED. man, up and down nite! back to 813 and up again! quick look shows 840, then maybe my 851 number!...watching
sorry bout no post... got busy, long one from 827.50, 3 point stop,looking for 840
GM gentlemen
Morning, sir!
There is no real reason why i covered there(still expecting 836, then 839-40) ..just got 'ancy'..out at 833.50,plus 6 on the trade and day... watching
nice morning trade KOOL-
ill buy 831.25
FWIW:i show a top 8:45-50, another at 9:03-5 and 9:25. Ialso have a decent low around 11:30
nice read Sir!
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