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ES 12-05-08

GOOD MORNING ALL! Well as you know im not a big fan of longer term forecasts, but i keep getting asked so much that thats why i posted some views the other day on the globex thread and the trading strategies forum. I bring it up not to receive plaudits but because im trying to 'teach' you that the techniques i have shown you here(price proj. and cycles) work on any time frame and in any market for that matter! I have always made good money from the markets but my dream has always been to create an 'army' of traders as skilled (or better!) as i am to level the playing field at this giant casino we call the financial markets. When i made the case for a top in the market tue-wed with 872.50-877 being the prime resistance area im sure most were skeptical, and heck, coming off of the most oversold market in history thats understandable.
wished I was long but not
The important point being ,folks that our work can be used on any time frame, any market... i use to make good coin trading sugar, at one point!
i know, i saw it too ..860.00 minimum
Originally posted by VOwater

my prediction: they close it higher!

yup, great call VO and i would have bet lower! but remember, at some point 905 HAS to be taken out or we go to 676!
I hope than can get it up near 900...will buy more puts
selling here!
200% = 62, 261.8% = 66
Im in from 48.50 x 2. Adv Get indicating 879.50 is the top for this move.
dam good fill 862.00 covering one 859
Welcome to the forum UKtradergirl

These dynamic charts (volume and tick charts) take a little getting used to at first. VO uses a 610 tick chart which matches my volume chart fairly closely.
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