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ES 12-19-08

GM traders

Daily PP: 892.50
R1: 911.50
S1: 873.50

POC: 901.75

60m: 924.50 / 814.75

Globex gap @ 84.25
they better save it here or we see 77!
the purpose of that little stop run up is they dont want company on the way down!(i
l @ 83.50
my stop is 86!..ahhhhhh!
I have a MOB at 895
stop 84
well they saved the pierce, engulph and hammer guys so far
loss of 3 now up only 8.25.. sheese!
flat...i got greedy but only had 1 on
AK,MAYBE SO...but on the bigger picture weve gone from 919 to 873 a nice pullback to be sure ,but enough to satis fy the closing ticks indicator? i doubt it. Also my work had a daily top due mon -tues and the mother 120 day and 40-45 day cycles bottom mid jan so look out for that!