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ES 12-19-08

GM traders

Daily PP: 892.50
R1: 911.50
S1: 873.50

POC: 901.75

60m: 924.50 / 814.75

Globex gap @ 84.25
This is the situation that these indicators fail.

Need to be on the money when the second candle bursts to catch it. Else when it turns, all is lost.

It looks like VO's ABC. I'll figure out from VO's posts.

I'll share my failures here too. Maybe somebody has a remedy.

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Short failed. Stop at 3 points.
would like to see them get the globex gap while their down here
Long another @887
finding buyers at the VAL 887.75
they didn't touch the 86 sq 9 and stayed at the top of Bruce's HVA range of 85-87
we still have 84.25 that will need attention
s @ 90.75
Originally posted by pt_emini

finding buyers at the VAL 887.75

887.75 is also the DeMark Pivot Point on both the daily and weekly time frames.
1 off 89.75
crappy fills here today. I had a buy in at 86.5 and didn't get hit and a ss at 92.75 that didn't get hit
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