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ES 12-31-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 882
R1: 895.25
POC: 879.50

globex gaps: 893.75, 891.25
lots of volume coming in at the 901 - 903 area today...sure wish I had deeper pockets to get short and hold on from these levels
Hey guys, best of luck for today and all the best for 2009!!! See you all next year!
I hate when they try and put in highs like shows no seller conviction in my mind but it happens quite often especially in low volume..they are runing em out all day today
Happy new year Margie!
see ya margie!
I just dont see how posting trades after the fact with no explanations on why, does this group any good. Why are you making the trades and what can we learn from them would be helpful.
we have to ditch this ut line!
long [email protected] 901.75
I have a notch in a longer term profile at 911-912 and it would amaze me if they can get it would take a small miracle and a huge rally for todays standards
happy new year everyone