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ES 12-31-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 882
R1: 895.25
POC: 879.50

globex gaps: 893.75, 891.25
MEETING MARGIE AND POOK! just beer and tv and footbal!!!
wow wait'll you see the hourly proj! (hint ... far!)
Thanks for the kind words......just the new baby in a few enjoy babbling here and learning from you folks too...I'm currently getting a bit sidetracked in my spare time with these longer profiles....not sure they have any merrit but it may be worth a far they have been somewhat wrong as I'm not sure which ones to focus on......I guess it was an additional heads up on this rally but I'm not sure of it's value yet.....

I can't believe they took that 93.75...TOO funny for words...but that volume spike looks like nothing compared to the Volume from this afternoon.......this is what makes the intraday volume stuff so tricky
Originally posted by VOwater

bruce I know you got obligations coming up but it was nice to have around today...hope you DONT disappear

did ya buy any puts?
Thanks and same to you all.....big thanks for all the time you folks take with your charts and sharing your insights
Originally posted by koolblue

best wishes,Bruce to you and your better half!

Hope they make it back to 896
still have one outstanding!

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No Description Entered
not me..too busy here trading and posting
Are we open tomorrow
that originates from the 8:35 bar (cst)
happy new year everyone
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