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ES 12-31-08

GM Traders

Daily PP: 882
R1: 895.25
POC: 879.50

globex gaps: 893.75, 891.25
how the hell can they take it all the way to 900 and they cant go 4 more ticks to the sq of 9 number (and the projection)! The 'boyz' must have a mole in our little group!
took 1 off @ 95.50 have 1 left
should be a mini low right around here!
Originally posted by VOwater hear that sippin sound folks? thats cause VO has broken into the VO!

You deserve it, enjoy
i still will try a sell at 897.75 if it gets there.. but i been missin all day so....
for anybody that cares...heres the bearish butterfly

Click image for original size
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Thanks for the chart Vo.
VO does the B-C leg have to make at least a 50% retrace of the A-B leg in order to draw an ABC? What if it misses by just a tick or two?
that little cycle low popped them high enough to smell that vol at 878.00 and the 5 min boll avg is now 897.75
man their beaten treasuries like a rented mule today
happy new year everyone
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