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ES 1-6-2008

Good Morning Traders !

VAH 930.50
POC 925.50
VAL 922.00

Weekly R1: 954.50
Weekly PP: 904.00

Daily R2: 944.00
Daily R1: 935.75
Daily PP: 926.00

Highest High in last 20 trading days: 934.25

I will be watching what happens at R1 with great interest this morning ! Also watch the IB high for indications of a trend day if price is accepted above R1.

ES Daily Notes 5 Jan 2009
not really pdq...look at bigger picture - 35.75 is 61.8 of swing from 42.75 H and 24.50 L...38.75 is 78.6

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covered b.e....watching..up 7 on the day
Originally posted by VOwater

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Yep - This first pattern is finished, but I'm trying to short again around 937 or so...Still think it heads south...
bigs a net +23500 now. they have bought a net 17k sonce the FOMC minutes
I think so too, just from higher, maybe the 940.50 area...watching
Well, got the short...Now if I can stand the heat! lol
look at the big one potentially forming pdq
Originally posted by VOwater

look at the big one potentially forming pdq

I see it!......think we have a double three E-wave correction here, and I hope it doesn't turn into a triple
Thanks PT. Very much appreciated the time and thought that you have put into the questions I asked.
I have still a lot to learn.
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