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ES 1-6-2008

Good Morning Traders !

VAH 930.50
POC 925.50
VAL 922.00

Weekly R1: 954.50
Weekly PP: 904.00

Daily R2: 944.00
Daily R1: 935.75
Daily PP: 926.00

Highest High in last 20 trading days: 934.25

I will be watching what happens at R1 with great interest this morning ! Also watch the IB high for indications of a trend day if price is accepted above R1.

ES Daily Notes 5 Jan 2009
dead man walking
hey PT does the bid ask stuff act differently during the first hour as so many price probes happen then
stop limit 933.25L
their coming for us mypto
great day to see how Volume attracts price
Hi PT. Thanks for the info.
I am wondering though, how do we tell if the bids were actually entering the trade at that price and not exiting?
I have heard that the big boys will often set us up with the opposite to were they are wanting it to go. Then reverse the trade.
I am sure you will have a simple explanation though.
tight range day- I think we go down into friday's number from here
Hey Prestwick....when you get a chance... I heard ann todesco ( whatever) mention unfilled Value area but never got to ask her enough about it.......If you have an unfilled Value area from say 925 - 922.....would you go short at a break of 925 tomorrow, expecting 922 to print....I guess the real question is how do you use the information on the unfilled 80% rule/ filling in of value
Everyone have a good afternoon!
well I took 32 they were gonna get 33.25 anyway...great trading today folks
Thanks PT. Very much appreciated the time and thought that you have put into the questions I asked.
I have still a lot to learn.
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