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ES 1-6-2008

Good Morning Traders !

VAH 930.50
POC 925.50
VAL 922.00

Weekly R1: 954.50
Weekly PP: 904.00

Daily R2: 944.00
Daily R1: 935.75
Daily PP: 926.00

Highest High in last 20 trading days: 934.25

I will be watching what happens at R1 with great interest this morning ! Also watch the IB high for indications of a trend day if price is accepted above R1.

ES Daily Notes 5 Jan 2009
what do most use to see the "wall of sellers/buyers" etc....? I never could get Bid /ask , time and sales stuff....anyone have anything that works at their predfined zones? Any help is appreciated
Originally posted by PDQ

There's a pile of shorts at 940.....

Originally posted by prestwickdrive

Originally posted by BruceM

I'm trying to get it to retouch the 34.50 from up here...but my magic powers are failing

34.75 taint bad Bruce - nice mojo

posted too soon - that's better than mojo
2 off 33.25
not to beat the same old drum but the 39.75 had the second highest volume of the day.,...
so is this gonna close in the middle again or at an extreme? I'd prefer an extreme on the downside
one of these days one of you kind folks is going to bestow upon me your knowledge of Time and sales/ order flow etc....I know your out there...LOL!!
moved stop down to 37.50 on the last two......unpredictable for me in here
bruce what is it that you want to know...I watch t/s but dont consider myself a tape reader
1 minute Grail sale here...
I'm not really sure VO...I've seen you folks post about " a wall of sellers at 903" I beleive that was PT-emini...and auto responders and lots of sellers here or buyers there...I just fiqured you folks where watching the order flow dry up at your entry points....

C'mon ledge at 27......can you feel it..?
Thanks PT. Very much appreciated the time and thought that you have put into the questions I asked.
I have still a lot to learn.
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