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ES 1-08-09

That's your 896 Kool!.
Hi Margie:

This is Linda Rasche trade that looks to enter a trending market on a pullback.

Use the following indicators:

14 period ADX
20 period Exponential Moving Average

You look for the ADX to rise above 30, which would indicate a trending market, and then look to enter on a pullback to the 20EMA. The minimum objective is a re-test of the recent swing extreme. The price more often than not exceeds the re-test though.

Note that many times in a strongly trending market, you will not get the full pullback to the EMA, or the market may move sideways until the EMA catches up.
s 03.25...I may be early on this,
ty pdq
taking 901.25 and pullin up runners
flat again. It doesn't look like a trend day. I'm done for today with a very small profit. GL guys.
flat will try again above 05 area
i stopped myself @ 2.50...selling again soon
904.25 = 50% IB extension, 908 = 100%
s early at 4.25
Send a check or money order for $6,995

c/o Mypivots
OU812 Louie Boreselino Blvd
Chicago, Il

**the first 100 orders get a years supply BruceM's famous Darlings of the Dow stock picks....guaranteed to drawdown any portfolio!!

or read page 33 of this thread for faster results
Originally posted by vast524

Were do I get one of those crystal balls from Bruce?

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