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ES 1-08-09

That's your 896 Kool!.
program trades seem to go off at certain times of the day...especially when there is a divergence to try and equalize.....don't really know much more that than Myptvu
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just so everyone is aware I'm planning the late day rally to new ES highs near 3:40 today.....r we all clear?

figured on the late day rally, but how did you arrive at 3:40?

3:40 is one of the critical times!!!
yes VO
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T minus 8 minutes and counting...het Vo you should get the harmonic PDF out on that link/post of PT emini...I think that would be a good addition and really complete things for those looking for more fib/ratio stuff....just a thought

You mean the PDF Book "The Harmonic Trader"?

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Were do I get one of those crystal balls from Bruce?