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ES 1-08-09

That's your 896 Kool!.
Originally posted by dtomassino

added to the short at 903.00

im not as confident as you
VO's still livin!
Got out 902.75 and back to flat its taking too long for my taste.
ugh they finally got me flat
yeah right. now it goes!!!! Damn!!! all I needed was a bit more patience!!!!!!
looks like a H&S
@#[email protected]# I hate it when that happens...I was in a bad spot, I needed to move my stop to above the pivot H which means I still would of had a profitable trade even with stopout
bigs got to net flat on the kiss of 904 but are now net -12k
agreed PWD

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failed new high up there...failures = handles for you good traders!
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Originally posted by vast524

Were do I get one of those crystal balls from Bruce?