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ES 1-08-09

That's your 896 Kool!.
VO, that's one of the patterns?
5 min. bar 10:25 [email protected] reached,
15 min. bar 8:45 [email protected] still valid
Originally posted by Margie

VO, that's one of the patterns?

prolly margie but i dont see it - help me out
9:44 candle to 10:09 to 10:36
flat. bidding 900.75 with 2 pt stop.
target 902.75 on half. stop 900.
Morning all:
It looks like the hourly projection is 909.75, and this would set up a 30 minute Grail Sale. Also, we just hit the 161.8% level on the hourly and we usually see a bit of pullback at that level.
you could make a case for it margie...although not precise fib ratios

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pdq, could you explain, Holy Grail? What is the definition?
half out at 902.75 . stop at 900.50. let's see if it runs the other way now.
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Originally posted by vast524

Were do I get one of those crystal balls from Bruce?