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ES 1-08-09

That's your 896 Kool!.
1 off @ 96
good morning ,selling 897.50
short 2,looking for 893.50,exiting 894.50
First scale at 898.00
Took out the rest 897.75 and back to flat. going to take a break.
hi kool.
unfortunately im flat @ 98 looking to sell again
VO your 904.25 was off the 15' calc. right?
well, it appears,as ALWAYS, THE CLOSING TICKS HAD FORECAST A SIGNIFICANT DECLINE from the recent high... and i dont believeits over yet, tho a decent rebound could occur at any time! next significant support would be 881-883 area
stopped on my short at 899.50, loss of 2 ,looking to sell a little higher
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Originally posted by vast524

Were do I get one of those crystal balls from Bruce?