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Wanted to offer the following in the hope that others might review with a constructive eye and, perhaps, conduct additonal backtesting. My technical abilities are limited, so I backtest manually.

The results for the 28 trading days between Apr 2 - May 12 on NQ June show 19 trades. 13 W 164 points 5L 29.75 points 1 BE. Gross of 134.25 points - $2685 before commission


Chart set up: On a day session chart plot the 5 period average true range. Also plot a 5 period simple moving average of both the close and the open. Longs are taken only when the 5 period SMA of the close is above the 5 period SMA of the open. Shorts only when below.

Entries and Exits: If taking longs, add 50% of yesterday's ATR to today's open. This is the entry. Exits are either - a stop order at today's open, limit order at 50% of yesterday's ATR added to today's open, or MOC. For shorts simply reverse.

Having a target that is twice the stop really helped when I manually tested this for the same period as above on the 10 yr note (ZN June). 18 trades were taken. 8 W 83.5 points 10 L 47.5 points Gross of 36.5 points - $1140.62 before commission.

Thanks in advance for your constructive ideas for improvement and any additional backtesting you might undertake.

edit - 25% atr changed to 50%
here's the stretch, Crabel uses 10 day
you can copy and paste into TS indicator (or PM me with your e-mail and I'll send you a copy.

Stretch Indicator
inputs: dayave(10);

{run on RTH session @ES.D for futures}

if value1>=value2 then value3=value2 else value3=value1;


When I try to send you a PM it says that I don't have enough post to PM other members.

I have add the link so others can PM me.

Yes I would like very much to have the Crabel Stretch Indicator for TS.

You may be interested in the Wide Range_Narrow Range Bar study that I found on TS website. Sad to say that I can't upload an .eld file so I had to copy and paste it into a word document.


Originally posted by PAUL9

pm me your e-mail address and I'll send you a TS indicator I wrote for Crabels stretch.
also, in TS, if you want just the day session (RTH}, use the symbol @ES.D

and by the way, the day session is 0930 to 1615

Click link to access uploaded file:
I copied your code and got it to work.

Thanks a bunch
Well ZN didn't get the full target but exited at 4pm with 11.5 points, covering the ES & NQ losses and some left over for a cup of coffee.

Originally posted by PaulR

So far losses on both ES & NQ. Ouch.
And currently long on ZN. If that hits the target the day will be green.

this is ridiculous.
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I noticed that you had 9 posts, RUSS, and I was going to e-mail you to let you know that TS has ATR indicator but it is labelled Average True Range. but the thing wouldn't let me.
How many posts does it take?
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that's OK daytrading, I just have to make a few more posts. But when I saw that RUSS had 9 I wondered, how many do you need?
Originally posted by PAUL9

that's OK daytrading, I just have to make a few more posts. But when I saw that RUSS had 9 I wondered, how many do you need?

you please check if my levels are correct?

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