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ES short term trading 4-23-10

Good morning. still looking for that E wave to 1196 (or even lower3-4 handles!). Heck, i still want to see slightly higher to be sure D is complete. I also have 1212.25 as a possibility on the upside if we just continue higher. (wave 4 could also have completed at 1186.25 making a flat.). Monday the 26th looms just ahead. It certainly looks like Thurs. gave us a great low for the late Friday run up into bullish Monday. heres a short term look...
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are you implying that over a large sample that when the YM goes back to it's previous days close in the Premarket but the ES can't in the premarket then it will go back to it's Previous days close in early trade in the RTH session? Even more then it normally does?

I guess I'm trying to understand why you think the YM leads so much? Here we are with ES on new highs , leading but not YM
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OK Bruce go ahead.
Why specifically Monday..? Do u follow astro stuff?
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Maybe 1201 will come on Monday
Duplicate. post deleted
Some posts make me laugh..... Anyway its a good read. OK if we have diversion between the two it will be met. Yesterday we got no diversion, remember I said we will chop tomorrow. In my opinion the market makers signal to one another through market action. They know everything in advance. Arn't you suprised that the leader of a nation is due to speak and the market goes down at open. Rarely we see preaction that is consistant with the coming news. Why..... Also now a days lot of trading is automated. So when a gap or diversion occures action begins to happen. Lots of mumbo jumbo Eh!
AK1 you migh get a chance to get out of your short as the time from 3:30 to 3:45 is usually a down time
Have been flat for quiet some time. But thanks for being considerate
(in response to Bruce's posts [and others])

If there are any specific reasons and understandable analysis for what ak1 is posting, it seems he ain't gonna be able to provide it for whatever reason(s). Hell, maybe it's a cultural thang or English as a 3rd language or something else entirely different.

ak1 is posting what seems to be mostly esoteric word-mashes to me (even if putting out some specific numbers at times) ... and evidently some others have also inquired as to what he's talking about during postings recently. Guess we'll just remain stymied. Maybe he'll eventually choose to contribute more on the analysis/rationale component in posts. It definitely would be nice.
I agree MM....these threads have the most value from the confluence of numbers...If we all don't communicate and be willing to explain then it will only lead to frustration and "arguments". I think some don't actually trade so they intentionally make things confusing and have "strange" postings as they can't explain the concepts themselves.

Either that or they are a super brain or from another country and English isn't the primary language...

Whoaaa ... just hopped back in here from running errands and feels like I've stumbled into the Twilight Zone. Some posts and interactions are either highly confusing or consist of truncated phrases with strange verbiage that leave me scratching my head.

Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.
Ever read a book on law....Most so called native english speakers don't understands it yet follow it like sheep........
wow...we are in the zone MM.....I just read your most recent post...after mine went up....perhaps u are really me and I have multiple id's like some do here...LOL!!
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using the move from yesterday I have a measured move to 1218.25
this is my highest projection

Yesterday in the above quote would be refering to Thursday.
The projection of 1218.25 is still on the radar as we have not had a pull back yet that would cancel that projection..imo