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Fear brings profits....Buy low sell high

"Be greedy when people are fearful and fearful when people are greedy."

The history books are replete with best seller gurus who never made money in the markets but ALL listened to them. Below is ALL true. Please check it out.

I probably will miss a few "Catastrophies."

1973/1974: Stock mkt crash, oil embargo....we are facing 1929 depression...

1973/74: Club of Rome- We are running out of food, people will revert to Cannabalism come 2000. They will be riots and pandemic. We must conserve our resources ( Sounds familiar to Global Warming).

1978: Oil will be going to $100 by 1980. We better find renewable resources or else. (1985/86 oil at $10 and 1998 $10. Now the gurus tell ALL oil will remain low forever...we have a lot of oil.)

1978/79 Harry Browne, Howard Ruff...the US is going to experience hyperinflation and with it depression. Sell your US dollars...its going to be GOLD. Gold will be the new currency for the future....US dollar is gone.

1980: Aden sisters. Gold will reach $2,000 by 1986!!!

1981: Interest rates are going to 30-35% for the foreseeable future. The US will be bankrupct.

1982: Newsweek Headline: Stocks and Equities are dead. The death of the Bull ( Sounds like the new headlines for the Euro, Apple, US economy). 1929 depression........we are facing.

1982: Mexico crisis...will face depression...Mexico will blow the US economy apart...TOO MUCH DEBT MEXICO HAS!!! ( Greece, Portugal...2010). "Nothing is new under the Sun." Eccelestias.

1985: US dollar crash....

1986: Oil at $10

1987: Black Monday. The mkt is going to go nowhere..its a 'Bubble.'

1988/89: Britain Real Estate Crash and US real Estate crash.

1989: The Nikkei index is at 39,000. The Japanese are the best. We in the US can learn from them. Their mangement is the best. Japan will reign supreme. The Emperor's palace is WORTH MORE THAN THE WHOLE STATE OF CALIFORNIA!!!!

1990: Recession worries, US debt, deficeit, RE foreclosures...etc.

1992: Canary Wharf and the Reichmann debacle...

1995: Stock market takes off from the NSC from 1966-1994...Buffet who has waited from 1973-1994 is relishing it. 1994 + 21 = 2015 ( 94-73). Just math...may not mean a thing or it may.

1997: Asia DEBT worries....its scary time

1998: Those esteemed black and fools model are bailed out....worries....mkt going to crash.

1998: Dow going to 36,000 Glassman. Dent from 1994 dow to 30,000 by 2009/2010.

1999: Microsoft stock Market Capitalization at $ 1 trillion !!!

1999: We are in a New Economy. Old models are gone. Internet takes over all. Pixels, internet yahoo.

1999: Buffet has lost his touch...he is old. This is a NEW GAME.!!!

2000: Nortel at epic price....

2002: We are facing a depression....gurus now say all that before I told you about new economy is ALL wrong. 1929 all over, depression is around the corner.

2002: Argentina DEBT CRISIS....the world is AWASH WITH DEBT!!! The US is in trouble!!!

2005: Real estate is in a "Bubble." No its not....Yes it will crash...took 3 more years to crash...2008.

2007: Interest rates are going up...economy is solid...RE is strong, earnings are strong, EVERYTHING LOOKS real GOOD.

2008: I knew it...the mortgage meltdown would happen...althought this guru in 2006 wash saying different....we are facing depression....1929 is coming. Dow, S&P is going to hell. The US is losing it to China and India ( err...the US has made China and India what it is ....why?? That's another Q). 1929 is coming...WE are in a Depression.

2009: No end in sight to the abyss....dollar going to lower's all over for the dollar.

2010: Greece, Portugal, Euro, BP....Crisis all over....the markets are on shaky ground...its a bubble. US index ( DX) safe 95. Too much debt all over...its scary.

2010: Japan has too much debt. Its economy is in shables. Its been in a decline since 1989!!!! They need to make some real structural adjustments. China has taken over Asia.

Buffett: 1966- worth $1 million; 1982: worth $250 million: 2010: 20-35 BILLION.

2011- Stock mkts are making a June 2011..Yes Sell in May and go away...we are facing a "Catastrophy."

2012-CAD, BP, EURO make record highs...they economies are doing GREAT. The US dollar ( DX) is at 41. China is the new world leader..the US is gone.

2013-Stock mkt boom has taken hold. RE prices in Vancouver and Toronto have doubled easily since 2009. The TSE is at 24,000. CAnada is a GREAT PLACE TO INVEST!!!

2014-Gold at $2,600 and silver at $125. The commodity boom lives on. Maybe gold will go to $20,000 by 2018. The US dollar is gone. New currency is Gold.

2015- Stock mkts are booming...all time record highs...ES 3200, YM 24,000... or is it 2019?

2016-interest rates at all time highs, not seen since 1990 or maybe 1982

2019- US dollar at record levels. Commodity prices have crashed...that is the end of the commodity BOOM!!



2025- Japan stock mkt has reached the 39,000 level...the Japanese are the best...their management is great...we in the US can learn from them

2026: BSE is now at 100,000 and India is better than China. India is the NEW STAR and China has a lot of problems...internally, currency, and investments ALL gone bad.


2031: Globalization is a failure

2032: We are in a depression

2039: REal estate prices in the US and in Global world are back to 2019/2007 prices especially here in the US, CAnada....the world has collapsed.

"What has been will be again."

"Fear not, for I am here....JeSus the RebEL."

Like Woody Harrelson in the movie 2012...NOBODY listened, but when the time will come NOBODY knows,nor the HOUR, but it will come and the RebEL will be upon us. It will probalby happen like the movie from God's resources.

But in the mean time...make money and enjoy yourself. Live like "Shem" not "Japheth/Baal. You will be bleesed if you are like "Shem'...Christian/Caananite not Pharisee.

"Fear not."
Wow, that was long to read but really interesting. It's a bit depressing though...
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