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ES short term trading 6-2-10

Lots matching up again

86 - 87.5 rat and POC

81.25 Rat and Va low

75 - 77 Rat, weekly PV and current O/N high, breakdown point from YD aftrenoon *******

67 - 68 rat and current O/N low - YD low****

the MP players wll be watching to see if price is brought back uo into value today or if new value will be established lower from that late day spike. Usually after a consolidation and run out in the afternoon that closes on it's lows we get follow many will be trying to get short up in the 76 - 77 area in the O/N and target lows below YD's low

We know we will probably print at least two ratchets so we can watch which one prints first to try and establish which one will print second. This is being done in attempt to hold runner contracts longer with a good signal. My bias is short untill we trade below YD's lows, then we need to be thinking about the possible GAP AND RAT down at the 61 - 62 area. Below there is 56 area and another RAT. That may be an agressive goal. Goodluck today
87 is a crappy high
1.5 the ib was 84.50..develpoing VA high at 84..
the challenge with this short is this crappy volume...they could just surge it up to tryy and run us out....hopefully that won't happen before that previous retest of lows..that's lot sof 30 minute HH and H , lows..
Bruce 12:20 bar HIGH (1084.25) is FEB (Favourit entry bar) setup
additional concern is that they are consolidating above the spike bar from yesterdays high..if they like that so much then what is stopping them from just running higher from here ? but we still need a test of previous...they just don't make HH and HL all day !!! I'm happy $$$$!! how about the air now...?
gap at 85.50 made me cover all at 83.75......
yeah, i said i'm done for the day, but couldn't resist this ... plus I'll put my money where my mouth is about earlier thesis of pb. into uptrend
long 1081.75 on this pb. stop 1pt, target 1086
moving stop to b/e, risk free trade now, can breath much easier !!
I joined ya at 82 even ...after 81.25 printed..I wnat 85.50
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