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ES short term trading 6-04

Here is a composite profile that includes all this consolidation from 5-20 including Tuesdays Trade. You may remember that Tuesday closed down at 1068 which is far below that huge volume node at 1085. This also shows what happened on Wednesday and today. Wednesday closed back above the 1085 and then today they established Value higher than Wednesday.

If I was writing an MP book then this would be "Textbook" with that high node at 1085 and then closing and building value higher today.

With any luck we will have a nice rally from here. The simplistic view is that if this rally fails then that 1085 becomes the attractor price and back down we go.
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there is our old pal 68.75....anyone think they will go down 6.25 more points from 68.75 before they can retrace 3 points? up into 71.75 again
Euro breaking below 1.20 again, Crude making new lows.
Bruce, you got the balls to go long here, gotta hand it to ya.
true Phileo but I'm also trading light....nothing worse then taking a big beating on a friday afternoon..before the weekend...c'mon 71.75!!
here comes the flush I've been waiting for....long small on 63.75 will not add....and we know air fails a lot in the afternoon..this could drop quick so be careful on this one if we are wrong
tring to target 68.50 if they don't printthat last RAT
flat 65.50 as this 5 minute doji may just fool buyers now and make new lows....
there is the air filled without me...still it was a good try...thought that doji would fail...spooked me
short 1068.25, exited 1067 .... hit and run trading....
conceptually I'd like to see 71.75 print before it will keep the 3 point pop traders happy.
just saw 8600 contracts go long 1066.5, followed by another 1500 contracts at same price
makes me wonder if 1063 is the low
Oh great..u'll enjoy that...Have you read Daltons Book?
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