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ES short term trading 6-22-10

Looking for sells on any moves up with high $ticks this am...key resistence zone is 17- 20......not sure if it will get up there so look for a plus 2.5 - 4 off open print up to fade
Originally posted by BruceM

flat on 1101.25 print...

Nice tradin' there today surf-dude! Good description of your analysis along the way, and good calls.
Thanks MM,

Further downside is 90 - 92, 86 and then the big volume node between 78 and 80...that is a biggie!!

Nothing working..unfortunatley!!
not tempted by the air, or do you opt not to trade air in the afternoon?
I'm certainly not here to tell anyone how to trade but I would hope most know that this time of day is not a good place to be a fader going for price overlap fill ins.....this is a transition day...especially if we think about yesterdays OVB!!

I'm just saying...I wouldn't try to get long....of course anything can happen...."your results may vary"
market today for ES virtually identical to the euro swings
92.50 - 91 is what started the buying on 6-15 and also va low that day
tempted yes...but i'm just watching now....don't like the afternoon air...too many trends in the 2:30 - 4:15 time frame
Originally posted by PAUL9

not tempted by the air, or do you opt not to trade air in the afternoon?
Paul, you will find over time that two sets of single prints ( air pockets) on the 30 minute time frame willhave the second one fill in...sometimes in happens the same day or overnight

Look at yesterday...hard to see but there are single prints up at 1120 on the 30 minute...the second set filled in overnight and were also filled in by todays RTH session...

So I f what I say is true then they will test 1101 either now, overnight or tomorrow....perhaps useless to some but with the right signal to get long it makes for a great target...hope that makes sense..
so if they rally it into the close one day ( like yesterday) is there any probability that they could do the same thing today..? Are they mutually exclusive....?

So for me I have conflicts from fading this now..I'm just not sure they will rally it into the close..esepcially if I think they may try to close it BELOW that longer term braket high of 1101...and try to get it back to the 79 - 81 magnet
thanks, Bruce, I will look

Is that 2nd set you're talking about from 14:30-15:00 NYtime bar

price never lapped 1114.50 to 1115.00?
Originally posted by BruceM your Market profile chart go to "preferences" and then "reference lines"...there is a check box for "singles"..let me know if you get it going

Ok, I got it checked. For some reason I found it located in a different spot; i.e., under the "prices levels" tab but I'm sure it is the same setting as yours.