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ES short term trading 7-9-10

Sure doesn't seem like anybody is ready to buy today....I'm planning on selling any push up today..especially if they have the power to push it over 73..even on a report up spike..

63 - 64 seems likely to be general the O/N session extremes will be very important today
additional volume on downside is 57 - 59...
I posted just about a couple minutes after you posted this.
DT can you close the other thread that i started with the same name?
Probably rejecting posts w/ the same title may help detect when others are starting a new thread at the same time.

Originally posted by phileo

Bruce's numbers from the MP thread:

63 - 64


48 - 50

1039 - 1042 ***** breakout point and single prints

Click image for original size

3 up days already, therefore, I am looking for reasons to sell against the congestion.
However, must be wary of yesterday's hammer reversal. Any follow thru strength today above 1070-71 could trigger further upside.

1075 - former resistance level
1071 - gap fill + CVPOC
1068.5-1069.5: O/N hi + YDay's hi + lower end of composite VA

1063: PP + O/N lo + VAH
1062: YDay's midday resistance, not expecting strong support tho.
1056: Support area from YDay + VAL

1039-1042: this was also POC from 6/29 + 7/7. Very key make or break area.
tested lower end of O/N range 1064.25, now it is probing upper end of O/N range 1068.

Fairly neutral so far, O/N session was fairly neutral too
I'm short small at 67.50..I want 64 ....reports in 9 minutes hoping for a pop UP actually to get a better sell
unfilled gap at 1070.50

currently long aiming for that target, then will switch to short bias and wait for confirmation of a reversal.
who has a good volume at price indicator?

can you look at the intraday volume at price for the 6-28-10,

is that volume POC 73.50? (I guess that's what you've alrady said, but please confirm.)

I am new to the volume at price stuff and I only know enough standard straight TPO style MP to be dangerous to myself, but Bruce, or phileo, or anyone who feels comfortable with the volume at price studies,

Is that "virgin" volume POC a natural spot to try a short?
bailed at 1069.00 at the little double top

need a lower high to get short, really would prefer to see that 1070.50 touched first ... tweezer pattern on the 5m is very compelling however.
took the 0.786 retrace (1069.00) for short entry...

hoping now we don't visit 1070.50.
Paul - Yes the virgin POC at 1073.50 is very much a major target today.
Originally posted by pt_emini

unfilled gap at 1070.50

currently long aiming for that target, then will switch to short bias and wait for confirmation of a reversal.

gap filled!
Still a lot of strength here though, waiting for a reason to go short....
think it'll get to 1075?
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