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ES Short Term Trading 7/14/10

If there's another thread please let me know.
Here's a chart for you Bruce from your ah inquiry. Will post info for it later.
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es 09 10 7142010 60 min
out at 1087.25 on both longs from 1086.00... basically flat on the es today...
think of that gap like a ginat AIR pOCKET...we know how often they like to at least trade into air pockets...even when they don't fill it in...they go for at least a test.....!!
Bingo on the 1083.75 number, long from can they bounce it at all?
one off at 1.25, bringing stop on the other to b.e.
if we split the air pocket then my 81 is a prime that is the middle of the pocket!!! $ticks reflecting net sellers too..!!wishful thinking perhaps!!
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OUT 1086.75..PLUS 2.75 O/N THAT up one whole handle!...watching
us shorts don't want to see 3 PM close above 89.50 now...all the volume on that push came in at the 87 - 89.50 range...critical to keep that above price now for shorts to win!!
interesting Kool..your targets are my resistance zones...
this time frame just sucks as sometimes we need to wait almost 45 minutes for the market to decide a closing direction..hopefully not today
in that case Rburns it was the one minute volume spikes !!!If I had my I r/t up at that time it would have helped refine it a bit...but look at all one minute volume spikes begining with the open spike..!all the major ones came in the same zone 87 - 89 is still critical!