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ES Short Term Trading 7/14/10

If there's another thread please let me know.
Here's a chart for you Bruce from your ah inquiry. Will post info for it later.
Click image for original size
es 09 10 7142010 60 min
needs to get below 87.75 and soon otherwise I have no choice but to pull the plug here
I had six on due to adds....and took 4 when the ledge broke and was holding two for that damn gap that they didn't fill in... YET!!

I had 91.50's that just got stopped too......... for some reason in my mind I was holding them for 81!! hoping for a pop higher in O/N to resell....luck will probably have it that they will run it down in O/N into 81 and I won't be short

Trader 43 - No indicators for me but I do use volume and market profile....I'm also better in the AM session...I trade lighter and accuracy tends to decline for me in the PM session....
here is my chart with the gap labelled, the ledge at 86.50 and the zone I snapped that was resistance...
Click image for original size
Bruce How do you determine your resistance zone?
in that case Rburns it was the one minute volume spikes !!!If I had my I r/t up at that time it would have helped refine it a bit...but look at all one minute volume spikes begining with the open spike..!all the major ones came in the same zone 87 - 89 is still critical!
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