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Es short term trading 7-19 -10

Numbers I'm watching on the upside

1069 Low Volume as per histogram

1073 - 1075 Pivot, High volume key number

1081 volume spike and 15 minute air pocket

downside numbers

I'm hoping to sell rallies with high $ ticks in the am..that's the plan if we open above Fridays close...but trade down into key numbers BELOW 1061 will be buys for me on low $ tick readings

61 - 62 lots of volume

47 - 50 key number previous volume

39 - 41 key breakout point

Hoping to revise these after I fire up my IRT charts
I'll be taking one off at 1064.00 and hopefully holding the other for closer to 1065.50...fingers crossed!
took two off at 63.25....holding 3 due to add on..trying for that 64 print next..but hopefully higher....!!
Originally posted by koolblue

well, at least i'll have company if im wrong again!... air at 1064.75 and 5 min initial move projection of 1065.50 seem like a good target..
..hanging at the red avg.. again!

I could see in theory how that could happen. potential dbl top at VWAP would sucker in some shorts for a squeeze to 1065.

But let's see how Mr. market decides what to do...
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64.75 is actual air pocket print that I'm looking to get filled in...still a neutral day so I'm trying not to get too excited....LOL !

Trade back to 60.25 will be a real downer pun intended
gonna watch what happens on next minus 800 tick to see if any real selling appears via volume and price movement...other than that the $ticks fool me..
ONE FREAKIN TICK FROM LETTIN ME COVER HALF MY POSITION FOR A NICE PROFIT! T oday is one of those frustrating days where the analysis is spot on but the trading sucks! ... I have a lot of em! lol
if this 30 minute bar completes ( which is 28 minute away from completing! !) and we don't make a new swing high it will leave a ledge on the day with matching 30 minute highs although, not side by side....

consolidtaion days they run them out.. !

adding again at 60.75...perhaps this is the one that fools me !!
consolidation days we buy low and sell high with good $ticks.....until we are wrong.....and it helps to have a good target
little one min cycle peak due any time here
here is the gap for those who see dead people..!
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