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Es short term trading 7-19 -10

Numbers I'm watching on the upside

1069 Low Volume as per histogram

1073 - 1075 Pivot, High volume key number

1081 volume spike and 15 minute air pocket

downside numbers

I'm hoping to sell rallies with high $ ticks in the am..that's the plan if we open above Fridays close...but trade down into key numbers BELOW 1061 will be buys for me on low $ tick readings

61 - 62 lots of volume

47 - 50 key number previous volume

39 - 41 key breakout point

Hoping to revise these after I fire up my IRT charts
how about this....80 % of the time the high or low is in in the first 90 i hope u r right..I like the $tick pattern now as long as we don't see minus 900 again

they are working on the low volume area of histogram...air pockets...lots of numbers here

for me it either gonna be a stop out at 57.75 or a target of 64 on my last contract
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need to hold above 60.75 now to get that 64 air pocket...could be tricky...fridays POC based on time is at tough spot
Tend to agree Bruce... my feeling is if the uptrend is to continue ,the red avg will now act as support (1061.90) ..quick couple ticks below are ok as long as the 5 min closes back there
risky (and late!) but just went long here at 1061.75
Interesting test and turn back from VWAP.

Click image for original size
vwap challenge
I have a 60 minute volume spike Phileo from a previous day but let me fire up my other computer later and I'll get the specific day and chart.......I've been watching those and we quite often get reactions at those....they aren't picked up on just by using "naked " poc from a full days I'm watching to see what happens at those...55 is another one !!

hoprefully after lunch I'll have time to babble on about it..

I think a good low tick reading is actually a good long now so losening stop and will think about adding down here below 60..if it happens...not sure a minus 600 is low enough now
i think we will see trade through Vwap again...perhaps even consolidate around it a bit......adding long at 60.50
well, at least i'll have company if im wrong again!... air at 1064.75 and 5 min initial move projection of 1065.50 seem like a good target..
..hanging at the red avg.. again!
just doesn't feel like a trend day.....and all those super low ticks could barely get it under Fridays lows....look at all those consistent minus 1100 ticks.....we should have been down in th egutter with those.....above 63.75 are the single prints/air pocket breakdown folks..lets go get them out of here

this lunchtime trade should be nothing short of miserable for any real trend..
here is the gap for those who see dead people..!
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